I have to be authentic – it doesn’t work if I am not….

As I sit to write this, there are butterflies in my belly – a degree of anxiousness, some trepidation.  You see, I need to come clean on some stuff.  For the past six months I have not been truly authentic on my Facebook page.  The reality of that only hit me today as I journalled about some other stuff that was troubling me.

I am constantly working at moving forward, of becoming more each and every day.  This means that I change as I go along this journey of mine.  I am no longer the person who started this page however many years ago.  I am a different version of me and it is time for me to bring my Facebook page into alignment with this updated version of me.

For quite a while now I haven’t talked about all the passions that are currently my focus in much of my day to day life.  I read a quote the other day that sort of pricked me – :

“Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.”

~ Carl Jung.

I have been achingly lonely for a good while – because I have felt unable to communicate the things that are very very important to me, for fear of upsetting or alienating others.  So here we go – some of the things I believe in and fight for, even though they might not be the populist view of things:

I am passionate about the well being of Mother Earth and stand and fight the fossil fuel industry and our puppet governments, along with many others, to protect her and ensure a positive future for generations to come.

I am a non-aligned political activist and am regularly involved in supporting, both financially and with my time, many initiatives to alleviate discrimination and injustice against minority groups and those within our global village who are particularly vulnerable to the actions of greedy big business and mean governments.

I fight the current Federal Government on a daily basis using social media and email on whatever is the particularly urgent issue of the day.  Today it is the cutting of Disability Support Pensions to people with a mental illness; Saturday & yesterday it was the rescue and subsequent whereabouts of 153 Tamil asylum seekers who were in distress  in Australian waters; on Friday the cutting of a $16 per day allowance to residential age care facilities to help them with the costs of caring for people with dementia…… and so it goes on.  Every day this government makes decisions that negatively impact on the poor and the vulnerable, whilst big business and mining get government subsidies galore.

I am no longer willing to keep my political activism separate from my spiritual persona – if you are not interested in what is going on in the world at the moment with the spread of neo-conservative governments– if you don’t see that we are currently engaged in the biggest fight against the forces of darkness for eons, then maybe you can just press the “Unlike” button and move on.  If we are no longer “a match” that is cool – thank you for being here, and all the best in finding others that do match where you are right now

From now on I am going to share what is going on in my whole world, including the political stuff I am involved in.  The original meaning of the word politics was “of, for or relating to citizens” – I believe I am a citizen of the global village, and I have a responsibility to do my bit to ensure there is equity and justice for all.  Some may say that I am a dreamer on this one, however I firmly believe that each and every one of us must be the change we want to see – some don’t see the need for change…. And that is their prerogative.  I want the world to change so that all are cared for – if we release the control on the money that the 1% of people have, it is possible to educate and feed the world.  It is only the restriction of the flow of the energy of money that creates the inequities and poverty for so many.

I also believe that my purpose as a messenger has shifted focus a bit – my work is now much more focused on building the capacity of those Lightworkers and Indigos who are committed to pursing their Spiritual path to honour their purpose here on Earth at this time.

My role as a messenger is also to include the sharing of truth, both as a citizen journalist and through the posts on my Facebook page.  “The Awakening” has been building for a time, however it is my view that it is time to ramp it up a couple of notches – there are some things going on in the world that demand our urgent action and attention right now.  It will only be when there are sufficient “likehearted” people, working together as citizens of the globe in the name of love, that this world of ours will turn around.  I am committed to giving it my everything to help this happen.

To those of you have read this far, and intend to stick with me, welcome to the next phase of the journey – as we stand in unity and fight as peaceful warriors for a better world.


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