FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

F – alse
E – vidence
A – ppearing
R – eal

There is only, at the base of it, two emotions…. Love or Fear. Any of the emotions we experience will line up in one or the other of these camps – either end of the emotion spectrum.

Today I was reminded of the impact of fear, and fear is not always around the “bad” things – we can often be fearful of “good things too.

I am not different to anyone else – there are still times when I line up on the Fear side of the ledger. The self talk I use when I become aware of this is to use the word fear as an acronym for the words False Evidence Appearing Real. I ask myself am I dealing with evidence I know to be true.

Often our fear is based on experiences we have had in the past – is this experience exactly the same as the one I am living right now? Am I focussing on the negative experiences I have had, and are there in positive experiences in my reservoir that I am not seeing right now? Am I actually using the experiences of others and their fears to influence where I am right now? What is my true knowing in my heart about this experience.

My guides and angels often help out in me finding the true answers to these questions. They will often remind me that I am not the person that had those experiences in my past – I have grown, I have aged, I have expanded my knowing, I have evolved since then, so this is a new experience for the current version of me, and so there is no accurate evidence. They will guide me to move forward, and enjoy the new experience with no baggage from the past.

Other times my guides and angels will make a great counter-arguement to balance out all the “crap talk” going on in my head – guide me to remember other experiences of a similar nature that were actually ok and had positive outcomes. They ask why I am choosing to only believe in the negative experiences, and suggest that I choose to believe in the positive ones instead.

If we have very real negative experiences of a similar nature that we can draw on, we can move forward more confidently, using these experiences as a guide to set the parameters for our new experience – a bit like guide ropes or buoys to mark safe passage.

Fear can sometimes be very useful as a stepping stone in our forward movements – it can ensure that we assess the risks, employ the right level of caution and ensure that we keep our wits about us. However, I know first hand how crippling fear can be, and how limited it can keep us.

Become the master of your own destiny by giving fear its rightful place in your life – it keeps you safe and on the right path by highlighting the risks, however it does not serve you well to have fear in the driver’s seat of your life.

Yay it’s Friday – blessings & love

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