Hope vs Trust

Thank goodness for hot showers and long johns….. not quite for fingerless gloves – they just don’t work for me… It is freezing for my part of the world, something we are not really used to.  While I was enjoying a hot shower earlier this morning, I was thinking about my impending trek of the Camino.  “I hope I can do it…” I murmured to myself…… The response I got from my guide was resounding and a little bit shocking…….  “Hope…. You hope you can do it?  Really?  Hope…… is that the best you have got?  What about trust? What’s happened to you not using hope – using trust instead? So you do doubt yourself on this one – that is why you used hope rather than trust.  Trust leaves no room for doubt, you know that.  You had better start working on shifting yourself on this one, because if you don’t leave here trusting you can do it, you are pretty much wasting your time.  Belief is what is at stake here – do you believe, can you believe?  You’ve got six weeks to get it sorted.”

My guide had every right to kick my arse on this one – for many years now, since I read “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz, I have endeavoured to be impeccable with my word – and my word includes my thoughts and my intentions.  As a clairsentient, I am also very aware of the “feeling” of words, the vibration that comes from that word being said or thought – some words have a very harsh vibration, some are wishy washy, some are barbed, some are like a soft warm blanket.

Quite some time ago, I can’t remember exactly what the catalyst was – maybe Abraham of Abraham-Hicks – I noticed a huge difference in the feel of the words hope and trust.  To me, hope has a hollow vibration, quite tinny and waivering, and very open ended – by default there is heaps of room for doubt within that vibration.  Trust, on the other hand, has a very solid vibration, there is a finality to it, there is no room for anything else within it.  (Practice saying the two words – do they feel any different to you?)

When you look at the word hope, it is used when we want a positive outcome, however we are not able to 100% believe that it will be so.    Each time we use the word hope, we leave room for there to be doubt – it cannot be any other way.

Trust, however, means similarly to how it feels vibrationally.  When we trust in something, we have absolute faith in it.  There is no room at all for doubt – we are 100% committed.

Our choice of words can make a huge difference to our vibration – the tone and intent our how we speak and how we think not only can impact on our relationship with others, it also has a huge influence on our own relationship with ourselves and our version of our world.  So I am now focussing on making the shift from hope to trust – my mantra for this whole thing is “Faith, Trust and a little Stardust” – I have been forgetting to say it…. Doh!

My mantra for the Camino

My mantra for the Camino

Agreement One – Be impeccable with your word.

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.





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