Lost is not always Lost

I am very pleased right now – my darling just found an earring that I thought I had lost a good while ago – something of his had dropped under the couch, and as he went hunting with the broom out come his thing, and my earring…. and a whole heap of other crap including a thong (of the shoe variety….) – I am not going there re my housekeeping prowess or the lack there of…

As I was looking around for the silver cloth that I had seen somewhere – but where was it????…. I was reminded of the wonderful message contained in a book I had read many years ago – The Journey Home with Lee Carroll channeling Kryon.  Often things that we think are lost, and grieve over, are actually not lost – we just don’t know where they are.  The same goes for ourselves – often people will come to me seeking guidance on the basis they are lost – my crew always convey to them that they are not lost – they just don’t know where they are just now.  There is a big difference!!!!  My earring was not really lost – I just didn’t know where it was.  Now I have found it, having accepted months ago that it was gone, there is a genuine feeling of relief… and joy.  I have already located its mate, given them a good polish and have them in my ears…. it is like have a new pair of earrings.. and old friends back again at the same time.

Often times we will suffer immensely in grief, having decided we have lost something – be it a friendship, a cherished piece of jewellery, keys, etc etc – when what is really going on is that we are not able to locate it right now… this also translates across to the intangibles in our lives.  I had thought I had lost my creative mojo and often wondered whether I would ever get it back again.  I went looking for it in making the decision to do some art classes…. and it was there all the time….. I just needed the right eyes to see it.

If you are feeling lost, or that you have lost some yearned for aspect of yourself – keep moving forward in the belief that when you have the “right eyes” you will see what you are looking for… sometimes it can come as a complete and glorious surprise as in the case of my “lost” earring, other times the finding takes some seeking on our part.

I highly recommend The Journey Homby Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll – the story of Micheal Thomas is a parable that offers insights and challenges long held beliefs that keep us “lost”.  Reading this book all those years ago certainly helped me recover from the belief that I had “lost” my sanity – all I ever need to know is that I am here – I know where I am…..

Given in loving Service



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