Psychic Reading

Using oracle or tarot cards, provides Spiritual Guidance to general or specific queries.

Spiritual Reconnection

A process using guided meditation to reconnect with your Spiritual being, and/or Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide or Totem.

Channelled Guidance

A question and answer format working directly with Angels and Spirit Guides without the use of divinatory tools.

Spiritual Healing

Channeling pure healing energy whilst working with the Archangels Michael & Raphael and healing guides, facilitates emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

Psychic Counselling/Life Coaching

Using the wisdom and guidance of Archangels Michael and Azrael and Guides, provide insight and clarity to clients on specific issues. With tools to create a life of choice, support and guidance is given to deal with particular situations as they arise.

Past Life Regressions

Using guided meditation and working with Archangels Michael and Raziel, facilitate connection with past life experiences, for therapeutic reasons or to satisfy curiosity.

All services listed above are:

$60 per ½ hour session
$100 per hour session

Phone and Skype options are available where practical.

Payment by Bank Deposit or PayPal ($5.00 fee for PayPal)