Soar Free Debbie Ford – My Tribute

Wow, I am a little bit blown away today & sad – one of my greatest teachers, Debbie Ford, died on Sunday in the US after a long cancer related illness. Debbie wrote some great books – two in particular “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” and “The Secret of the Shadow” were very instrumental in facilitating my journey to wholeness after a particularly difficult time of mental unwell-ness.
Debbie had her own challenges and difficulties in her early life, and had a great understanding of how “not fitting” can impact on mental health – and taught me how to love all of me, even the bits that everybody else had been telling me were crap. We spend a lot of time trying to eliminate the aspects of ourselves, that we have either been led to believe or decide off our own bat are not acceptable, on the search for that elusive state of perfection. Debbie’s advice was rather than hide those shadow aspects, embrace them and bring them in to be part of who we are. As I reflect, so many of the techniques I use to manage my thinking, and share with others, have come from Debbie.
In many ways Debbie was born to teach – she learnt so much of how not to be in her early years, and used these experience to support others on their path away from self destruction. I will be forever grateful that I stumbled across her books all those years ago, – her courage in telling her story, changing her story and living the dream have been a great inspiration in my life.
The blessing is that Debbie left a great legacy in her work that will be available to people for generations to come, and the world – and certainly my life – is better for Debbie’s presence.
Her Spirit has flown home – and I trust she will be well pleased with the life she lived here – and the value she added to the world in her time on Earth.
Thank you Debbie from the bottom of my heart for all that you gave – soar free dear one. xx
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