Hi Sally,
It amazes me how I said for the reading to be about my relationship and you picked up on everything. You have an amazing gift and are very blessed. Thank you so much for this experience and I know I will come back to you in the future :-).

Sending you love from New Zealand Jennifer


Hi Sally. I saw you last Tuesday for a reading. All I can say is THANK YOU. My world has changed considerably in a week. People at work have even said I look different and am a lot happier. I have read one book – Signposts and have 4 more on order plus my colouring books which I can’t wait for. I am very excited about this new journey my life is taking me on. So once again a huge big THANK YOU. Bless  xxx

KF Geraldton, Western Australia


I have seen Sally Farrell both as a Psychic and Life Coach a few times now. During this time, it is fair to say that she has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. She has shown me how to embrace, accept and love who I am and to celebrate the Goddess in me.The help Sally has offered me in meeting the challenges in my life have proved to be life changing and affirming.

She has shown me how to fully embrace both my light and the dark with a wonderful sense of humour that allows me to be the fabulous irreverent woman that I truly am. So many of her statements and sayings have now become part of mine and my families everyday language. There are many of my friends and family who have witnessed the positive changes in my being and I am eternally thankful and truly blessed to know her. She is a true Goddess and Healer of mind, body, heart and soul. Her loving truth and wisdom is a beautiful gift.

CJP – Geraldton Western Australia

I have been very lucky to have known Sally Farrell for many years, she is a woman I admire and aspire to. She has helped me in so many ways over the years offering me her friendship, guidance and support on many an occasion. I have attended her workshops, been a part of her circles and had the pleasure of having had many healings from her beautiful presence. Her readings have such an honesty and truthfulness to them that sometimes I haven’t wanted to hear, but have been for my highest my highest good. I shall be forever thankful for the wonderful words of wisdom and help she has bestowed upon me, on numerous occasions.

She always makes my heart swell and makes me feel invincible. 🙂

PL – Western Australia

My half hour reading, turned into a much longer reading than anticipated, as Sally enlightened me to the truth of what was really going on in my life and most of all how to become truthful with myself… Insight that potentially may have saved me many years of therapy…. lol…. Thank you so much Sally, I will most definitely be calling again 🙂

A Morgan – New York.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful psychic reading I had with you. I really enjoyed talking with you and feel the reading was exceptional! You hit right on when describing my daughters upcoming wedding and I’m excited to see how some of the other things we addressed work out.

Not only is Sally exceptionally accurate with her work, but also she presents the choices in a clear manner so you can make best decision. I can tell you that I have been highly energized at all the future possibilities that Sally had presented during my reading. It was highly accurate – sometimes in the most surprising way! Another reason to contact Sally is that she is very approachable and practical with her readings; you’ll be amazed at both Sally’s precision and wisdom! No matter what you’re dealing with, if you need answers, guidance, or clarity, I highly encourage you to work with Sally.

SF – Western Australia

Dear Sally

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for meeting with us, and your insightful readings.

Although we all believe and hope our lives are heading in the right direction, in our case, it was very re-assuring to have that confirmation through your individual readings for us. We felt that your connection with where we have been, where we are heading and how we are feeling was absolutely accurate, to the point where you re-iterated literally word for word private conversations we’d recently had. The information and advice you relayed through our readings has given us the confidence that our lives are indeed heading in the right direction.

You also brought to light other issues that were relevant, but neither of us had considered prior to our readings, which has allowed us to be pro-active in addressing these challenges.

Once again, our most sincere thanks.

Craig and Liz, Perth Western Australia.


After the birth of my first child I lost my mojo, and questioned the direction I was heading in both a professional and personal sense. I sought Sally’s help because I thought she would be able to help get me back to ‘normal’. Ha!

Sally helped me clarify my beliefs about life, and showed me how to think differently – less of the negative and more of the positive. ‘Normal’ and ‘conformist’ she is not. She helped me understand that not enjoying the way the game is played by the majority doesn’t mean I am wrong.

Turns out Sal’s a bit of a business/management smarty pants too, and 1.5 years after starting sessions with her I am in a leadership role that I once swore I would never try – the mere thought of such responsibility used to have me running for the hills. Thanks Sally for breaking things down into small chunks, and inspiring me to go to (seemingly) scary places.

I am eternally grateful for the wisdom and resources she shares that help me find the way to my own truth.

I love your work Sally


KLB – Currently in The Outback – Western Australia


I have known Sally Farrell for about eight years now and have used a range of her services. In times of grief,  or when I have come to cross roads in life, I go to Sally for clarity. My husband and children have also seen Sally. I highly recommend Sally, she comes from the heart and speaks with love. One gifted lady.

Thanks Sally for all that you do.

S & O family – Western Australia


I have know Sally for many years now, I have been to her for readings as well as group sessions and personal greetings and meetings.  Sally has always been very open and honest, and voices exactly as she needs to.  At times she makes me laugh as she apologises for the words that come to her, as they are sometimes harsh, but they have been necessary to make me listen.

I admire Sal and her intuitive work and would and do recommend her to anyone who asks if I know any psychics.  Sally’s readings for me have always been right on target, and she has given me much guidance and help.  Her healings are also awesome.

Sally is a wonderful lady to know and I appreciate all the help and inspiration she has given me.

CW Geraldton, Western Australia