The Time Has Come The Walrus Said….

I am writing this on my iPhone, sitting on the bed in my hotel room in St Jean Pied de Port in France doing the final preparations for an early start in the morning. After a couple of months of physical, mental and spiritual “training”, I can do no more other than have a good night’s rest.
Since I made the decision to take action around honouring my long held desire to walk The Camino at the beginning of July, getting myself sorted has been my primary focus. I remarked to my travelling companion yesterday that it was somewhat like being pregnant….. and now the contactions have started & I know there will be some full on pain ahead, however I am trusting the experience will be worth the pain.
It is a week since I left home and already I am so much more than I was. Already I have achieved so much in terms of dealing with physical and mental challenges…. and more importantly for me, I have received support and encouragement from The Universe through the signs and synchronicities that have been forthcoming along the way.
I feel surprisingly relaxed and peaceful right in this moment….. a blessing, given the moments of sheer terror I have had up to this point.
My major concern has always been around my physical capacity, given I am no Sporty Spice. Spending time in St Jean Pied de Port has been comforting – there are prospective Pilgrims everywhere, and we are relatively younger and fitter than many. Thousands and thousands have walked this path over millenia – the steps in the town are worn where these feet have trodden – like me, each had there own reason to follow the ancient trail. I know there will be many many more to walk this path. There is reassurance in this fact.
I accept I can only ever be and do my best….. whether my best will take me through to Santiago de Compostella only time will tell.

Faith, Trust, and a little Stardust.


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