There but for the grace of God go I…….

My stomach is churning – I feel very uncomfortable…. as I sit and notice my body, I can feel slights tremors within the muscles of my arms – my chest is tight, my heart is hurting……… you see, I have just been on my personal Facebook and found that a boat of Sri Lankan asylum seekers have made it right into our harbour here in Geraldton, Western Australia.  It is not the first time in my lifetime we have had a boat load of people land here – way back in the 80’s I can recall a boat load of Vietnamese asylum seekers making shore just a little bit up the coast.  Things were a lot different then – people had not been poisoned against compassion and open heartedness.

It is not arrival of these desperate people that is the basis of me feeling sick to the stomach – it is the vitriol that is being spewed into the comments section of the related Facebook posts that has me shattered.  People I know are saying things I never imagined possible… my heart is weeping for the humanity of my community – for every compassionate soul (slagged down as “do-gooder”), there are about 20 others spewing the vitriol of hatred as peddled by many of our right of centre politicians – you know, the good christian ones like Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison.  These local folk that are sprouting this self-righteous hatred have been mis-informed.

People who arrive on our shores ARE NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS or QUEUE JUMPERS.  If the haters bothered to inform themselves they would know that when Australia became a signatory to the Geneva Convention (1951), that we as a country agreed to offer asylum to those people who came to our shores by any means whilst their application for refugee status is determined – THIS IS THE LEGAL OBLIGATION AUSTRALIA HAS AS A SIGNATORY TO THIS CONVENTION.  I am tired of those people who are happy to perpetuate the bullshit that flows out of Canberra – how sad that their opinions are formed on the basis of the lies that fly out of our televisions and off the front pages of our newspapers via main-stream media.  The leaders who support these views want us to be crippled with fear, they want us to be bristling with hate, they want us to spew vitriol poisoning others in our way – we are much easier to control…. you know… divide and conquer.  For you own sake, if no body else’s please wake up to the illusion that is deliberately keeping you separate from all the things that transforms a human being into a humanitarian.  Whilst you are disconnected from your heart and your soul you will continue to be a pawn in the big game of fear versus love.

As an empath and a sensitive, I have the capacity to “walk in another shoes” – I am able to sense the emotions that people feel deep within, and I am able to transfer those emotions into real examples in my own life.  Tears are running down my face, my vision is blurred as I put myself in the shoes of these Sri Lankan folk that are currently being “processed” by Australian Government officials.  The sheer terror of not knowing what comes next, of not understanding what is being said to them, the pain that comes from the hatred they feel being directed at them, the bewilderment that they are feeling from sensing this hatred – their crime…. wanting something better.  We all want something better – my Facebook page is all about encouraging and guiding people to want something better in their lives, as are many of the photos and quotes that people share around on social media.

Imagine, if you can, what it would take to make the leap of faith to get on that boat.  Some parents will have made the heart wrenching decision to send a child or children on this journey – hoping and praying the kids make it and have a better chance of survival and growth.  Can the parent in you imagine how hard a decision that would be, not knowing if you are ever going to see your child again – will they even survive the perilous journey, are you in fact sending them to their death?

Connect with the partner aspect within you – can you imagine how heart breaking it would be saying goodbye to your partner as they left on a rickety boat to forge a better life for you all – not knowing how long it will be before you hold each other again, if you ever do?

Reconnect with your inner child, and imagine if you would what it would feel like waving to you mother or father or brother or sister from the shore – sensing all around you the grief in the air – the smell of fear – not understanding the details but feeling the enormity of the situation – or even worse feeling all these things sitting in the boat!

That is the emotions that these PEOPLE feel – it amuses me on one hand, and saddens me on another, that so many people in this country and in this community have more compassion for animals and their rights, than they do for fellow human beings.

It might be useful for people to consider the fact that we are all born equal, not one person is any better or any worse than any other.  We are ALL ONE – connected to Source by the mere fact that each and every one of us are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience – whether you believe it or not.  And you may want to bow your head in prayer – and give thanks that today you have shelter, you have enough, and you live in a country where you are not required to make the tough decision to pay an exorbitant amount of money to a greedy opportunist, and jump on a boat that may take you to your death, or definitely take you to a country where the greed and self-interest of some will ensure you are not given a loving welcome – or send a loved one to that fate.

I bow my head, and give thanks that there, but for the grace of God, go I…..


Sally x

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