Transformation – Becoming the Butterfly

I am a believer in cycles within cycles, and within our life we have many life-death-rebirth cycles… endings and beginnings and the periods in between.  Often people come to see me when they are in the death-rebirth phase of the cycle – it can be tough, and a struggle when we can see things in our life coming to an end, and there is nothing positive on the horizon.  Or there may be new possibilities and opportunities, but other parts of our lives are not working so well, so we tend not trust our capacity to make good choices.  The transition phase of these life-death-rebirth cycles can come in two forms, Transmutation (this is for another day) and Transformation.

The symbology of the cycle of the butterfly explains Transformation very well – a happy grub munching around loving all that life has to offer… becomes locked in a closed dark place – the world closing in… and then the struggle begins, uncomfortable, energy sapping struggle.  Finally the beautiful butterfly emerges from the cocoon, ready to fly. You see it is the struggle to release itself from the confines of darkness that releases a hormone that stiffens its wings.  Without the struggle it would just flap helplessly and hopelessly until it died.  The struggle is the difference between realising the potential of life and existing until death brings release and peace.

Moving through something ugly to become something beautiful

Moving through something ugly to become something beautiful

Often times we baulk at the struggle, we are not keen to feel uncomfortable and out of our depth, with no clue of what is coming next.  We often try to get back to that grub stage, that was such an easy, good time.  Why can’t we be the grub again?

Energy is wasted on looking back and wishing, rather than looking forward and trusting.

As hard as we try, ultimately we are not able to deny what is natural law.  The grub will either become the butterfly, or it will wither and waste away… the butterfly will either fly or not, depending on whether it is willing to engage in the struggle.  And the butterfly will bring in the next cycle by ensuring there is the makings of a happy grub to munch around loving life… for a while.

Love & Blessings

Sally xx

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