I have read a couple of things today that I found challenging – one in a positive sort of way, and one in a “pushed my buttons” sort of way…

The more positive of the challenges was an article written by Michael Bradley, a lawyer who writes for The Drum.  His piece Human Kind went backwards in 2015 – and I’m part of the problem.” opens with Tony Abbott’s statement from last week “All cultures are not equal”.  When I saw this reported I just shook my head and rolled my eyes because this reveals to me so much about how people regard themselves and their kind as superior.  It is this air of superiority that fuels the decline of human kind.  If one is able to regard themselves as “better than” another for whatever reason, no matter how warped or ridiculous it may be… one must regard others as superior and themselves “less than” in some way.  This is the damage of labels that divide and separate – it is the sub-labelling of humanity that creates the divisions that fuel the hate – that support the idea that cultures are not all equal which can also be read as humans are not all equal.

It is this warped idea that some lives matter more or less than others that is responsible for the craziness in our world at the moment, and each one of us who does not fully love and respect ourselves, by default, cannot fully love and respect others. It is our own insecurities of being less than that drive our desire to appear better than – it is our own lack that ensures we find someone we can see who has less to make us feel better.  It is our own feeling of separateness and our own lack of truly belonging that fuels this dark horrible world that is impossible to ignore if one is at all aware.  It is our own hearts that determine whether we are part of the whole of humanity; or in our separateness, trying to push ourselves up the ladder of success that reflects where we line up in the superiority stakes.

I first got to understand how our own insecurities determine our view of the world and our view of others when I started reading the Conversations with God series written by Neale Donald Walsch.  The Ten Illusions really hit home, and I started to see that if I wanted a better humanity I had to be a better human.

The First Illusion of Humans Is The Illusion of Need.

We imagine that Need Exists. Because we imagine this, we imagine a God who has needs.

The Second Illusion of Humans Is That Failure Exists.

Of course, Failure cannot exist if Need does not exist, because if The One Being needs nothing, inasmuch as it IS, and therefore HAS, Everything, it cannot possibly “fail” to be, do or have ANYthing.

The Third Illusion is That Separation Exists

As soon as we imagine ourselves to be able to Fail, based on our ability to not meet our Needs, we experience ourselves as separate from God — for we know automatically and without question that God cannot fail at anything. Since we experience that WE have failed, we conclude that we must be something “other than God.”

The Fourth Illusion is That Insufficiency Exists

Because we have thought of ourselves as separate from God and separate from each other, we have concluded that there is “not enough” of everything to go around. Before we entered into the Illusion of Separation we had the direct experience that there is enough. There is always enough for ONE.

The Fifth Illusion Is That Requirement Exists.

There is only one thing that I think about if I engage in the illusion that there is “not enough.” I have to think that it is possible for me to have “enough,” and that there is something I can do to make sure that I do. There is something that “having enough” REQUIRES. There must be something I can be, do, or have in order to qualify for sufficiency. All I have to do is figure out what that Requirement is.

The Sixth Illusion Is That Judgement Exists.

The logic for Judgment in the universe is impeccable — IF we accept, and embrace as True, the first five illusions. For if there is such a thing as Requirement, how will we know if anyone has MET the Requirement? A system of Judgment MUST be put in place, so that this determination can be made.

Condemnation Is The Seventh Illusion.

Of course, if there is a system of Judgment in place, there must be a Reward for those who are judged to have met the Requirement, and a Punishment for those who have not.

The Eighth Illusion Is That Conditionality Exists.

There is no condition in the Universe in which the ISNESS does not exist. The ISNESS is just that — what IS. And What IS simply IS, under all conditions. That is, there is no condition under which It is NOT. Conditionality, therefore, does not exist as the inherent nature of things.

Superiority Exists

…but this is the Ninth Illusion. A thing cannot be superior to itself, and, if there is only One of us, superiority does not exist.

The Tenth Illusion Is That Ignorance Exists.

This is the Illusion which says that you do not know that all the rest of this is an illusion. Not only that you do NOT know, but that you cannot know. That is because you are Ignorant of the Truth of what IS.

~ Neale Donald Walsch

 Understanding these Ten Illusions and how they impacted on me and my life had an enormous impact on how I then started to see and treat others.  Much of Neale Donald Walsch’s work is of a complimentary philosophy and embracing The Three Core Concepts of Holistic Living which are Honesty, Awareness, and Responsibility also ensured that my view of the world and my place in it changed quite drastically.  My current framework of beliefs includes that we are all One… that each of us are part of something bigger – we all belong to the same source… which leads me into the second challenging read I had today.

A couple of friends shared a post by Michael Moore on Facebook with an image of him holding a placard saying “We are all Muslims” and he has set up a statement to Donald Trump that “We are all Muslims” to sign.  These sorts of statements leave me feeling very confused.  You see, I have great empathy for anyone who is being persecuted, regardless of what god they worship, where they live, what colour their skin is, what language they speak.  My heart breaks every day as I force myself to watch videos of the impact of war to real human beings in all parts of the world.  Last year it was Palestine, this year is is Syria… next year… somewhere…

My view is that these sorts of statements have the potential to further exacerbate divisions.  If I look a the Three Core Concepts of Holistic living, my honesty, awareness and responsibility won’t let me agree with the statement “We are all Muslim”.  I am not a Muslim, and for me to say so is dishonest.  My sense of responsibility does not want to denigrate another’s belief system by saying even though I don’t believe what they believe I am one of them… I find that so confusing. My awareness on this issue is very acute, and I have so much compassion for people of the Islamic faith who are being persecuted by all and sundry at the moment, however my awareness also tells me that signing up to the “We are all Muslim” statement is not going to really achieve anything other than add to the already cavernous divisions between non-Muslims and Muslims globally.

I would have loved Michael Moore’s response to Donald Trump to be “We are all human” – I would have signed that in a flash… for we must get rid of these illusions of separateness if we are ever going to make a real difference.  We play right into the hands of the ringmasters of the religious and corporate worlds, and enable their continued existence when we come at the world through the lenses of the Ten Illusions.

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